Stem Cell for travel

Treating your joint pain with stem cells should be as simple as
stepping outside your door.


It is fairly common knowledge that activity and diet play a big role in
your heart health.  So do your genetics.


While we cannot change your genetics, we at Kinetic Sports Medicine
are committed to help keeping you active and eating better for an
active lifestyle.


Committed to keep you moving. Committed to your
heart health one step at a time.


If arthritis and joint pain are holding you back from the active lifestyle
you had or want let’s work on a plan.


Kinetic Sports Medicine can plan your new direction. Well appointed
travel accommodations, high end exclusive hotel stay, custom stem
cell specific meals, pre procedure massage, car service airport
transportation, 24 hour on call nurse.


Phase 1.0 Beta
Phase 2.0 Everyone else.

Currently in Phase 1 we are working on making the details better and
while we do so you benefit from the significantly reduced cost.

All you have to do is walk through.

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