A Parents Guide to Sports Concussions

As a parent, one of the joys you have is watching your child participate in an activity that they enjoy. Whether it be dancing, singing, doing artistic activities, or participating in sports, it is a pleasure to watch your child. Sports today provides children with exercise, social interaction and fun. However, one of the biggest health concerns today can result from contact sports. That concern is your child getting a concussion.

While the chance of your child getting a concussion from participating in sports is low, it is important for all parents to learn more about it. Learning about what concussions are and how they happen are good for parents and coaches. It is equally important to know what signs to look for in your child to determine if they may have a concussion. It is very important that if you believe you child is experiencing concussion like symptoms, that you seek medical advice.

We hope that this brief overview of concussions will help you understand what to look for in your child to indicate that they may have a concussion. However, please keep in mind that this article does not take the place of proper medical advice. If you believe your child has suffered a brain injury, please take him or her to your doctor for further evaluation. If this article has been helpful, please feel free to pass it along to others looking for information.

By Dr. Richard Kim