Adipose Stem Cell Therapies

"Adipose tissue" is the clinical term for loose connective tissue that contains adipocytes or lipocytes, which are fat cells. These fat cells store energy, provide insulation, and offer a cushioning layer that is protective in nature. Adipose tissue is found under the skin and around internal organs. Adipose-derived stem cells can be harvested from patients and processed to use in adipose stem cell therapy. At Kinetic Sports Medicine, we offer comprehensive non-operative care that includes newer technologies such as adipose stem cell treatment.

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Adult stem cells are present in bone marrow, blood, and fat. These cells have an innate ability to regenerate to rebuild tissues and bone. Stem cell therapy involves using a patient's own stem cells for healing a variety of illnesses and injuries. Known as an autologous transplant, using a patient's own stem cells helps reduce the chance of rejection.

One method of harvesting stem cells involves extracting them directly from bone marrow. However, harvesting adipose stem cells is much less invasive than bone marrow extraction. The process involves a liposuction-type procedure, usually requiring between 25 and 50 cc of adipose tissue. This tissue typically contains a much higher volume of mesenchymal stem cells than bone marrow samples of the same size. These adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells have shown promise in suppressing unhealthy immune responses that are present in people with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to differentiate and regenerate into many different types of cells after infusion. In many cases, patients experience relief from pain and inflammation almost immediately.

Advantages of Adipose Stem Cell Therapy

The high yield of stem cells and the minimally invasive nature of the procedure are two of the main benefits of this type of treatment. Patients usually experience less pain during and after the procedure, and recovery is faster as well. Many people can undergo both the harvesting and injection processes on the same day using the latest methods of care. Isolating and activating the adipose-derived stem cells usually takes less time than it does with bone marrow stem cells. The infusion process can occur intravenously or by localized injection at a joint or into a muscle.

Getting Stem Cell Injection Treatment

Dr. Richard Kim is the lead physician at Kinetic Sports Medicine. Under the primary care sports medicine practice of Dr. Kim, the clinic offers the best in non-surgical care. The goal of the clinic is to assist patients to resolve pain and range of motion issues associated with illnesses and injuries. These non-operative solutions are minimally invasive and often completed in a single clinic visit to provide faster recovery. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim. We are happy to answer your questions and help you learn about stem cell injection as well as our other services. Our desire is to help you regain your healthy, active lifestyle once again.