Sports-Related Concussion Management and Recovery Options

A concussion can happen during athletic activity. This mild traumatic brain injury is usually not life-threatening, but prompt medical treatment is crucial for full concussion recovery. Symptoms vary after a concussion depending on each person and the severity of the injury. Following concussion treatment guidelines will help prevent potential complications. At Kinetic Sports Medicine, we specialize in sports-related concussion management.

Concussion Assessment

After an injury, concussion protocol demands immediate assessment of the symptoms, which includes a physical and neurological exam and a balance exam. The balance exam is a low-technology method of assessing someone for a possible concussion. This exam includes three separate tests, each lasting 20 seconds. First, the person stands with their feet together, hands on hips, and eyes closed. Balance errors include opening the eyes, taking a step, lifting a foot, moving the hands, stumbling, or falling. The second test involves maintaining balance on the dominant foot with eyes closed and hands on hips without balance errors. In the third test, the person stands in heel-to-toe stance with the dominant foot in front, hands on hips, and eyes closed.

Treatment Protocol

Standard concussion protocol involves rest with strict instructions for home care. Patients must rest adequately to allow the brain to heal from the injury. This rest involves avoiding both physical and cognitive activities, and most people can attend school or work in a limited fashion during this recovery period. Patients should get plenty of sleep during the night as well as take naps during the day. All activities should be curtailed, including exercise of all kinds, and work that involves concentration, such as homework and reading. Concussion recovery takes time, and a physician will track their progress and symptoms so a patient knows when it's possible to return to daily activities. A gradual return to typical activities while monitoring symptoms is the standard concussion management protocol.

Patients wondering how to recover from a concussion can receive professional care and assistance from Dr. Richard Kim at Kinetic Sports Medicine. Dr. Kim is a board-certified and highly experienced sports medicine physician who has dedicated his career to helping patients recover from general and sports injuries. Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim. We offer newer technologies in treatment as well as the highest quality of care to help our patients recover and regain their active lifestyles.