Non-Surgical Hip Pain Treatment

Hip pain can interfere with mobility and an active lifestyle. Whether the pain is associated with a sports injury, a fracture, or osteoarthritis, managing the pain will be a top priority. Physical therapy for hip pain is one option, but there are other non-surgical treatments that can help minimize the discomfort and increase range of motion to make it easier and more pleasant to move. Kinetic Sports Medicine specializes in helping patients regain their active lifestyles through non-operative solutions.

Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis of the hip involves the loss of important cartilage in the joint, which cushions the moving parts of the hip. Without adequate cartilage, patients feel pain and stiffness with every movement and when bearing weight. These symptoms usually become worse over time as the cartilage wears away more. Taking over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen is a common treatment for hip pain, and these medicines can also help reduce some amount of inflammation. A doctor may recommend steroid hip injections for arthritis, which can help reduce pain and inflammation while also adding lubrication to the joint. This treatment can help for a short time, but the symptoms will return within several days or weeks. Some patients don't feel any relief at all after this procedure. Low-impact exercise can also help with hip pain. Physical therapy usually involves a therapist supervising and assisting with rehabilitative stretches and exercises. Many patients find it possible to engage in moderate stationary biking or swimming, which allows the hips to move fluidly with minimal impact.

Innovative Hip Pain Treatment

Some patients turn to newer technology when they need treatment for hip pain. Stem cell treatments and platelet-rich plasma injection are two innovative options that involve using a patient's own tissues or blood for healing. Stem cells can renew themselves and actually become other cells that are effective for repairing damage and regenerating tissues in the body. Platelets in the blood also contain growth factors. When these platelets are injected in the hip, they can help with repairs of the joint.

Explore Your Options With Us

Dr. Richard Kim is a primary care sports medicine physician, leading Kinetic Sports Medicine in its dedication to provide innovative non-operative care for patients of all ages. Whether you suffer a hip injury or an illness such as arthritis, we offer minimally invasive healing solutions that can help with pain management and mobility. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim. We will help you learn more about our services to determine whether these treatments are a good fit for you.