Non-Surgical Elbow Pain Treatment

Elbow pain can happen for a variety of reasons. Arthritis and entrapment of the ulnar nerve are two common sources of elbow pain. Treatment for these issues may involve drug therapy, physical therapy, or even surgery. Other sources of elbow pain might include sports-related injuries such as tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. Regardless of the cause, people of all ages may suffer from elbow tendon discomfort. Anyone wondering how to get rid of elbow pain may be pleased to learn that there are innovative treatment options that do not involve conventional and potentially invasive procedures. Stem cell therapy and/or the injection of platelet-rich plasma at the injury site can often hasten healing.

Overview of Elbow Pain

Tendons connect bones and muscles, enabling movement. Overuse of the elbow joint can result in a tendon injury. Although tennis elbow is a common name for this type of injury, this problem can occur in anyone who engages in repetitive gripping activities. This type of injury can happen on the job in industries such as construction or clerical work. It can also happen due to hobbies or with sports activities such as weightlifting or racquet sports. Minute tears can occur in tendons over time, and these often become larger due to repetitive motions. A sudden elbow injury is also possible. Inflammation is common around the injured tendon, which can cause pain, stiffness, and decreased strength. Some people even hear clicking or crunching sounds when they move their elbow.

Alternative Treatment Options

Kinetic Sports Medicine invites patients to explore alternative elbow pain treatment that can help bring relief after overuse or a sports injury. Whether arthritis pain is causing problems with stiffness or range of motion or tendonitis is interfering with daily activities, we have solutions for how to relieve elbow pain. Conventional treatment often involves medication, immobilizing the joint with tape or a brace, and physical therapy for elbow pain. Many people have experienced limited success with this type of elbow tendonitis therapy, but that doesn't mean that surgery is required.

Dr. Richard Kim is a board-certified primary care sports medicine physician. In his care for patients at Kinetic Sports Medicine, Dr. Kim has chosen to focus on finding effective and innovative non-operative solutions for pain. Dr. Kim believes that not every injury or issue requires surgery. Although physical therapy for elbow pain can be an effective solution for some patients, there are other options as well. With platelet-rich plasma treatment, the patient's own blood is drawn. A special process separates the platelets and plasma and then increases their concentration. The platelet-enriched plasma is then injected into the elbow. Damaged tissues and tendons often respond favorably to this platelet-rich plasma by generating new cells and tissue. Many patients notice less inflammation and pain after this procedure. Stem cell treatment, which involves painlessly removing stem cells from another part of the body and injecting them into the injured area, can also help bring relief.

Regardless of the cause of your elbow pain, Kinetic Sports Medicine can offer non-surgical treatment options that use your own body's cells to stimulate natural healing. Contact us to learn more about our services. We invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim and take the first step toward regaining your health and vitality.