Non-Surgical PRP Ankle Injections and Stem Cell Therapy

Over time, many people develop bothersome ankle pain, either from an injury, from overuse, or from an illness such as arthritis. Sometimes arthritis sets in due to wear and tear on a joint, or it can occur as a direct result of an earlier injury. When ankle pain is slowing you down, you can choose from a variety of non-surgical treatment options to restore mobility. Kinetic Sports Medicine offers minimally invasive treatment options, as well as ankle stem cell therapy that can help you recover more quickly.

Ankle Arthritis Treatment Options

Experiencing an ankle sprain or fracture can lead to degenerative arthritis in the joint in later years. Degenerative arthritis is more common in the knee than the ankle due to the differences in the joints, but cartilage degeneration does occur in the ankle. After a physician diagnoses ankle arthritis, treatment to relieve pain and improve mobility is often the goal. If applicable, a physician will usually encourage a patient to reduce impact on the joint. If a patient is experiencing significant pain during specific activities, it may be helpful to modify the activities to reduce the discomfort. Bracing the ankle can help support the joint, which may relieve pain. Anti-inflammatory medication can also reduce swelling, which can help with the pain. At some point, these treatments often stop working. This is the time when many physicians may turn to surgery. However, there are other non-surgical options to consider.

Stem Cell Therapy for Ankle Arthritis

Ankle stem cell therapy is a newer type of treatment that some physicians are embracing as they treat their patients. This treatment involves the use of adult stem cells, which have been discovered to have regenerative properties in the body. These stem cells are present inside various tissues. It's possible to extract them and use them elsewhere in the body to repair damage and regenerate tissue. Ankle stem cell therapy involves extracting stem cells from a patient and then injecting them into the ankle joint, where they can help regenerate cartilage and reduce inflammation.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is similar to stem cell therapy, but a patient's blood is used instead of stem cells in a PRP ankle injection. The blood contains platelets, which contain growth factors that can enhance healing. With this process, a nurse trained in regenerative medicine draws blood, places it into a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets, and then mixes the enhanced platelets back into the plasma in their concentrated form. The final step is the PRP injection. Ankle joints often respond readily to this treatment, and patients will notice a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility in the joint. PRP ankle injection may need to be performed several times for the greatest effectiveness.

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