Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises

A traumatic shoulder injury can happen during overhead activity. This type of injury can also happen during activity such as participation in racket sports. Sometimes, overuse injuries occur over time due to repetitive motions associated with daily activities. People may even experience an injury or shoulder pain as a result of arthritis or from an old injury that continues to cause problems. Whatever the source of a painful shoulder, rehab exercises may be part of a comprehensive shoulder rehab program to promote healing. Kinetic Sports Medicine is dedicated to assisting patients with non-surgical care to help heal shoulder injuries as well as other issues, and our treatments can be part of an effective sports injury recovery plan.

The Shoulder Joint

The shoulder actually has several joints and many muscles and ligaments that surround these joints, providing support and strength. The rotator cuff includes muscles and tendons that enable overhead movement of the arm. Other ligaments are also important for a full range of motion of the shoulder blade and collar bone. When treating a shoulder injury or pain, shoulder rehab exercises focus on improving both strength and flexibility in these muscle groups.

Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises

Rehab exercises for shoulder pain usually begin by focusing on flexibility. A physical therapist will help a patient increase their range of motion with shoulder rehab stretches. These stretches include both static and dynamic stretching. For static stretching, the patient performs stretches that are pain-free, holding them for between 20 and 30 seconds and repeating the repetitions at least three times. For dynamic stretching, the stretches are also pain-free, and they must be held for between one and five seconds, repeating the repetitions between ten and 15 times. Once a patient has performed shoulder rehab stretches, it's time to move on to strengthening exercises.

This phase of physical therapy includes shoulder rehabilitation exercises that build strength in the muscles surrounding the shoulder. These exercises may be performed using a resistance band or dumbbells or with no equipment whatsoever.

Other Treatment Components

Dr. Richard Kim practices as a primary care sports medicine physician, focusing his care on assisting patients with non-operative therapies to address general and sports injuries as well as pain associated with illnesses. Newer technology has opened the door to innovative treatments such as stem cell injection and platelet-rich plasma injection. These treatments use a patient's own cells to enhance healing directly at the injury site. Contact us today to make an appointment to learn more about our services.