Knee Injury Rehab Exercises

Knee reconditioning may be necessary after a general injury, an activity-related injury, or with an illness such arthritis. Stretches and exercises are often the first step in rehab. Knee pain and injuries don't have to sideline you permanently. Kinetic Sports Medicine offers non-surgical medical care to address activity-related knee injuries and chronic pain.

Knee Rehabilitation Exercises

The general purpose of knee rehab exercises is to build strength and flexibility in the muscles that support the knee. The muscle groups targeted with therapy include the quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors, adductors, and gluteus medius and maximus. Working these muscles with special knee rehab exercises helps increase range of motion in the knee joint, which enhances mobility. Strong muscles surrounding the knee help ensure stability, which helps prevent future injuries.

How to Rehab Knee Joints

In the early stages of rehabilitation, a patient performs knee rehabilitation exercises that are designed to stretch muscles and ligaments gently. Generally, a physician will encourage a patient to begin these movements as early as possible when pain will allow. As the patient gains strength, the exercises become gradually more difficult. The goal is to slowly increase the load on the knee and the surrounding muscles. As a patient gets even stronger, the exercises may begin to target movements that may be necessary for specific activities or sports.

Key Points of Knee Rehab

Warming up and cooling down before and after rehabilitation exercises are important. A simple way to warm up can be just walking or riding an exercise bike for about five minutes. Stretching is the next step, and should be performed prior to working on any strength-building exercises. If a patient experiences pain at any time, the movement should be stopped until a therapist or medical professional can determine the reason for the pain. Controlled movements are required for all of these exercises for optimal results.

Alternative Therapies and Treatments

At Kinetic Sports Medicine, Dr. Richard Kim is a board-certified physician who has devoted his practice to sports medicine and musculoskeletal care for general and activity-related injuries, as well as pain management associated with illnesses such as arthritis. Dr. Kim offers patients the best in non-operative solutions that involve minimally invasive treatments, such as stem cell injection and platelet-rich plasma injection. These therapies harness the natural power of the body's own growth factors, which are instrumental for regeneration and healing. These innovative non-surgical techniques can be performed in the clinic setting, and they do not involve extensive recovery periods in many cases. When you are ready to reclaim your health and a more active lifestyle, contact us to make an appointment to learn more about our services.