Hip Stretches and Rehab Exercises

Hip rehabilitation exercises may be prescribed by a physician in a number of situations. A traumatic injury such as a groin strain could occur during exercise. Some people over exert and experience overuse injuries of the hip such as bursitis or hip tendinitis. Other people have pain or illnesses such as arthritis, which limit daily activity and make it difficult to move freely. Whatever the reason for an injury or pain, hip rehab exercises can strengthen muscles and restore range of motion. Kinetic Sports Medicine is devoted to the non-operative treatment of activity-related issues such as these to help patients regain a more active lifestyle, and we can help you end your hip pain.

The Purpose of Hip Rehabilitation Exercises

When an illness, injury, or surgery impacts the hip, a physician may prescribe hip physical therapy exercises to help patients recover. Participating in this type of physical therapy will involve performing hip stretches and specific strengthening exercises designed to target muscle groups that support the hips. These muscles include the gluteus maximus and medius in the buttocks, the adductors and abductors in the thighs, and the hamstrings at the back of the thighs. The gentle hip stretches are designed to restore fuller range of motion to these muscles. As the muscles gradually become longer and more flexible, a physical therapist generally adds in strength-building exercises. Strong muscles surrounding the hips help make the joint more stable, which can minimize pain and prevent future hip injuries.

Key Points of Hip Rehab Exercises

Warming up the muscles with a low-impact activity helps prepare for hip physical therapy exercises. Moderate walking is an effective warm-up exercise. Patients should then start with gentle stretching to use the muscles. A physical therapist should supervise all exercise to ensure safety. Common strengthening exercises involve abduction and adduction movements.

Kinetic Sports Medicine

At Kinetic Sports Medicine, Dr. Richard Kim practices as a primary care sports medicine physician. Dr. Kim's medical practice is devoted to helping patients of all ages recover from general and sports injuries, illnesses, and the pain associated with these issues. Dr. Kim provides minimally invasive treatment options such as stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma injection, which utilize patients' own cells for healing. These non-surgical solutions are performed in a clinic setting, and they involve minimal downtime to recover. Contact us today to make an appointment to learn more about our services.