Foot Rehabilitation Exercises and Stretches for Foot Pain

The foot is a complex mechanism that includes numerous joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. As the foundation of the body and the point of contact when walking and running, the feet bear the brunt of most shock and stress. With the high demands on this body part, it's not surprising that most people will experience some type of foot pain in their lives, whether from a traumatic injury, an overuse injury, or some other type of degenerative issue. When pain sets in, the typical course of treatment involves foot rehabilitation exercises, though in more severe cases, other treatments may be recommended.

Anatomy of the Foot

From the ankle, the heel bone sits just below and leads to the tarsal bones. These five bones fit together intricately with joints, and they form the basic structure of the foot. The tarsal bones connect with longer bones, which then connect to the phalanges, which are the toe bones. Ligaments attach bones to other bones, while tendons attach bones and muscles. Ligaments and tendons have different sizes and thicknesses depending on their location. Small muscles are also present in the feet, mostly arranged in tight layers along the bottoms of the feet. These muscles help provide padding as well as make it possible to move the toes.

Foot Rehab Exercises

When the foot is not functioning as it should, pain is the typical symptom that alerts you to a problem. An issue in one part of the foot often affects other parts quickly because of the intricacy of this body part. When a patient consults a physician with foot pain, the physician performs diagnostics to determine the cause of the symptoms. Treatment may involve a number of types of therapies, including icing, elevation, immobilization, and anti-inflammatory medication. A physician may refer a patient to a physical therapist for foot stretching exercises, which are often the first phase of rehabilitation.

Other Treatments for Foot Pain

At Kinetic Sports Medicine, led by Dr. Richard Kim, the team provides comprehensive non-surgical treatment options to address pain from general and sports injuries, including foot pain. Dr. Kim is a primary care sports medicine physician who offers innovative treatments such as stem cell injections and platelet-rich plasma injections. Each procedure involves drawing a patient's own cells to use for regeneration and healing at the injury site. Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Kim or to learn more about our services.