Elbow Rehab Exercises

Elbow pain might set in as a result of repetitive use. People participating in activities such as tennis and baseball may experience an overuse injury that impacts the elbow joint. Still others develop tendonitis symptoms due to daily activities. Whatever the source of the symptoms, elbow pain can be troubling. To address issues of pain in the elbow, physical therapy exercises may be recommended by a physician. These exercises are designed to strengthen muscles and stabilize the joint. Kinetic Sports Medicine offers non-operative therapies designed to alleviate pain and help with healing.

Elbow Physiology

Because three bones connect at the elbow, it includes three different joints. The upper arm bone, the humerus, connects with the two forearm bones, the radius and the ulna. Ligaments stretch through the elbow joint, providing support. Muscles also cross the elbow, which enable various movements of the forearm and upper arm. A number of nerves also pass through the elbow joint, and these nerves can be injured or impinged with both traumatic and overuse injuries, making elbow rehab, exercises, and physical therapy necessary.

Elbow Rehabilitation Exercises

There are several stages involved in elbow rehab. Exercises to build strength are a part of this therapy, but patients generally work up to strength-building exercises over time. When a physician orders elbow physical therapy, exercises are taught and supervised by a physical therapist. The therapist begins by teaching stretching exercises that help with flexibility and range of motion. Patients should start slowly, performing all elbow therapy exercises carefully and within their pain-free range of motion. If pain occurs at any time, the patient should stop the movement.

After a patient is able to perform the stretching elbow rehabilitation exercises successfully, treatment can move on to strength-building.

Kinetic Sports Medicine

Dr. Richard Kim is a primary care sports medicine physician. Dr. Kim assists patients with comprehensive care after an activity-related injury. Recommendations for elbow therapy exercises may vary and should always be learned through proper supervision. Another focal point of Dr. Kim's practice includes minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment options such as stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injections. These therapies focus on the use of each patient's own cells or blood, which contain amazing healing properties. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim to learn more about our services.