The Need for Hydration in Sports

Water is one of the major components that we need to survive. Water keeps the body hydrated so that it can function properly. This is especially true in sports. Athletes that participate in sports exert quite a bit of energy and as a result moisture leaves the body in the form of sweat. This requires that the athlete replenish this loss by taking in liquid.

If the athlete takes in the liquid that they loss, they should be fine and recover normally. However, the problem occurs when you don’t replenish that liquid. If you don’t you run the risk of dehydration. When you don’t get enough liquid you will feel dizzy, tired, have a headache, and have a decreased urine output. If you have any of these symptoms you may be dehydrated.

To learn more about the potential problems of being dehydrated, we have gathered many helpful resources to learn about this health concern. Water is important for our health whether you are running a 5k or working outside in the hot sun. Feel free to utilize this information, and be healthy.

By Dr. Richard Kim