Physical Education, Health & Sports Education

Everyone needs to be physically active to stay healthy. Many people like to participate in sports because this is a great way to get exercise while also having fun. Playing on a sports team gives you a chance to develop skills while you also learn how to work together with other teammates. As you play, you also get experience with both winning and losing, which teaches important lessons as well. Physical education at school helps you experiment with many different types of sports, and you may find activities you really like.

Physical Education

When you go to physical education class, you learn lots of skills that help you be active with sports. You can work on kicking balls, running, climbing, and building strength. As you gain these skills, you can practice playing sports such as basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer. You might also work on personal activities such as strength-building with pull-ups and sit-ups. You might discover that you like running, either long-distance or shorter track and field events.


Staying healthy is an important goal for everyone. When you’re a kid, you often have lots of energy to play outside. Taking care of yourself by choosing healthy foods, getting exercise every day, and avoiding germs will help you stay healthy while you are a kid as well as after you grow up. Doctors say that kids should have about one hour of exercise or active play every day to stay healthy. If you like to play sports, this can be a fun way to get the exercise you need.


Football has some health benefits because it involves lots of running. Football players also have to be agile, strong, and coordinated as they try to move the football toward their team’s end zone. While tackle football is a common form of the game, touch football is a variation that does not involve potentially dangerous tackling. Flag football is another type of the sport that involves using a flag instead of tackling other players.


Playing soccer is a fun way to get healthy exercise. Soccer involves lots of running, which helps players become strong. Soccer players also have to shift between jogging, sprinting, walking, and stopping, which makes them strong and agile. As you dribble and kick the soccer ball on the field, you’ll build muscles and bone strength. You also learn how to work with your teammates.


People who play baseball work on running fast to make it around the bases. Baseball players need to be able to stop running and change directions quickly, too. Baseball players also need to have skills in catching and throwing balls as well as batting. When you play baseball, you’ll get good exercise that will make you strong and help you to be more coordinated and agile.


Softball is similar to baseball, but a few differences make it a slightly different game. A softball is larger than a baseball, so softball players use different gloves and bats. Softball players run the bases in the same way as baseball players, but sometimes the rules are a little different. A softball pitcher also throws the ball differently than a baseball pitcher, either fast-pitch or slow-pitch depending on the league.


Basketball involves lots of running up and down the court. Basketball players work as a team to score as many points as possible. Players build endurance to keep moving throughout the game, and they also develop strong muscles and coordination. Jumping to make shots or catch the basketball helps players improve their balance.

By Dr. Richard Kim