6 Perfect Meals For Your Pre-Workout

Often, when it comes to working out, people think their results will come from what they do in the gym, but it’s a lot more than that. What you do in the kitchen to create healthy eating habits will fuel your body and affect how you perform in the gym. Creating healthy eating habits will help you build muscle and give you the energy you need to succeed.

For many, pre-workout meals are a crucial part of working out. For example, some CrossFitters usually try to stick to pre-workout meals that have around 200 calories and some lean protein. Someone who will be exerting themselves for a longer period of time may want to increase their pre-workout calorie intake.

The following meals are great for a boost of extra energy, but it’s important to note that not all of these will work for everyone; try different pre-workout meals to find what works best for you.

Raw Almond Butter and Apples

Raw almond butter is it delicious and it will help keep you energized during a workout. Raw almond butter is also known to help prevent inflammation and cramping. Throw 1 tbsp. of raw almond butter onto a sliced apple for a quick pre-workout meal. Eating an apple as or part of a pre-workout meal helps boost endurance and it’s full of fiber.

The Power of Potassium

A common problem in the gym or during a run is cramping calves. Not only is this very painful, but it has the ability to end a workout. Eating something full of potassium, like a banana, before working out is a game-changer for many. Potassium is known to help with leg and muscle cramps. Your body doesn’t hold onto potassium for a long period of time, so eating a banana right before you work out can help prevent those workout-ending leg cramps. And don’t forget to drink your water!

Dried Fruit and Greek Yogurt

A favorite and very easy to make pre-workout meal among athletes is Greek yogurt and dried fruit. You can get creative with the different flavors of yogurt, and there are so many types of dried fruit, so it never gets boring. Though it has a lot of sugar, dried fruit is great to eat before a workout for a quick energy boost. This pre-workout meal is also full of protein.

The Amazing Avocado Toast

For those who work out in the AM, a healthy breakfast beforehand is important. A quick pre-workout meal of whole-wheat toast and a few slices of avocado can help power you through your morning workout routine. Avocado is full of vitamins and healthy fats and relatively high in protein. The whole-wheat bread adds carbohydrates to help fuel your body for all sorts of cardio workouts.

If you don’t have any avocado, take that same high-fiber toast and add some peanut butter. Peanut butter is a great pre-workout snack because it is full of protein. You can even add a little bit of honey if your body needs some extra sugar.

Protein-Powered Oatmeal

Combine oatmeal with a scoop of your favorite flavor of protein power. That, plus the carbohydrates in the oatmeal, gives you a lot of extra energy to burn. Eat this meal within an hour of working out, and it will fill you up the perfect amount.

Photo by Anna B (Flickr)